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TL;dr Peanut butter milkshake


So there's this place in Prestonsburg, Kentucky called Dairy Cheer. You can get just about anything fried, including banana peppers. We would always stop there and get peanut butter milkshakes with hand-dipped ice cream and gobs of real peanut butter as well. They are so thick you could get an aneurysm from trying to drink them with a straw. No matter how crappy a day had been, a milkshake from there could make things better or at least get you so hyped up on sugar it didn't matter anymore.

Photo was taken on the Levisa Fork in Prestonsburg during the Paddle Fest hosted by the city every year (sometimes several times over the summer). This bridge is iconic in Prestonsburg and someone recently started an online petition to have it restored and opened back up to the public. 


  • This collection is the expression of my love for eastern Kentucky. The area is rich in culture, beauty, talent and home to some of the best people in the world.

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