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TL;dr Pumpkin fried pie


I'm from the south and I love a good fried pie. What I don't understand is why you never see pumpkin fried pies. Could you imagine showing up to Thanksgiving and being handed your own personal pumpkin fried pie with cinnamon sugar sprinkles? Best Thanksgiving ever I say. Also a good way to get people out of your house sooner "Okay, here's your dessert. You can take it with you!" As much as we all love family, it's nice when they leave on holidays so you can change into pajama pants and eat a weird conglomeration of leftovers on the couch.


I told y'all my porch was a magical place. People have fallen in love, broken up, lives have changed and friendships formed on this porch. I was having a particularly crappy day and decided to stay home for a much needed mental health break. I skipped out to the porch with my coffee, my journal and my dog. The breeze was blowing, the creek was rushing and everything seemed better. Chapter was looking back as if to agree when I took her picture that day.


  • This collection is the expression of my love for eastern Kentucky. The area is rich in culture, beauty, talent and home to some of the best people in the world.

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