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TL;dr Coconut, meringue cookie


Remember those little coconut cookies that come in the Christmas cookie tins every year? I love those and though y'all might like them too. One of my friends (also a juice maker) is addicted to this flavor. I love it when people vape this one around me, so pick up a bottle and come vape next to me.

This photo was taken during the Paddle Fest in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. There are many neat little areas off of the Levisa Fork to break away from the pack and explore. The tunnel here is very old and well worth exploring if you're in the area and happen to have a canoe or kayak. It also features my lovely wife who was quite literally "up the creek" at the time.


  • This collection is the expression of my love for eastern Kentucky. The area is rich in culture, beauty, talent and home to some of the best people in the world.

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