Our popular house line available now online! These are 30ml glass bottles delivered in the flavor of your choice. They are available in the following nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, 0mg. They are a 60VG/40PG blend. Want a bigger bottle? They're available on the site here: 60ml and 120ml.


Baby Cakes- a fluffy, vanilla cake

Back Burner- New York cheesecake

Bipolar- hot cinnamon with a cold finish

Blueberry Hill- crisp, simple refreshing blueberry

Buttercup- butterscotch candy right from Grandpa's pocket

Butter Face- a rich, butter rum cake

CanCan- creamy peppermint

Can't Elope- ripe canteloupe

Coldhearted- strong menthol sure to help you kick the habit

Cream Pi- banana cream pie

Dew Your Thing- Honeydew melon freshly picked from the garden

Friendzone- a sweet and tart candy flavor

Hot Bunz- a doughy cinnamon danish

Hot Pants- red hot cinnamon

Jack’D- energy drink

JASAC- Just Another Strawberries And Cream

Juicy Melons- ripe, fresh watermelon

Juju- creamy caramel

Just Peachy- peaches and cream

Kidult- jawbreaker

Meant To Be-buttermint

Must Be Jelly- grape jelly

No. 23- a certain soda named for a physician

On Top- black cherry

Pucker Up-sweet and sour apple

Snoochie- strawberry & kiwi

Spring Fling- pink lemonade

Sugar Britches- pink cotton candy

Sugar Momma- blue raspberry cotton candy

Sweet Cheeks- sweet, vanilla creme

Vacay- pina colada

Kickin' Ash House Line 30ml