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TL;dr Red and blue gummy fish


This one was another former employee who asked for it. I don't think I'd ever tried this particular candy until I started working on this flavor. I bought a bag for the sake of research to try them.

This is my cat. I would just call her by name, but that's complicated. She was a stray on Sally Stephens Branch or more commonly known in the area "Dog Pound Holler". People often take their animals and dump them on that road to avoid paying the surrender fee. I was visitng a friend when she wandered up and started head-butting me. I wasn't allowed to have pets at the time, but I was determined to have her. I prepared a speech to deliver to my landlord and drove back to my apartment like a crazy person. The landlord happened to be outside and before I could say anything he told me "We've been talking and we're going to let you have a small pet." My empassioned speech went undelivered, but my precious kitty with the sparkling green eyes could come home. I named her Serendipity because everything so perfectly meant to be. I decided to change it because I'd look like an idiot yelling "Serendipity!!!!!!!!!!" through the house. I changed it to "Bijou" (jewel in French). My wife absolutely refused to call her that and would only call her "Kitty Kitty". She's very vocal and always greets us, so then she became "Kitty Kitty Mau Mau". Although she responded to this name, I didn't think it was regal enough for her so she is formally known as "Princess Kitty Kitty Mau Mau". Of course that's way too long to text, so if you should ask about her "PKKMM" is appropriate. Once again, this photo was taken on my porch in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.



  • This collection is the expression of my love for eastern Kentucky. The area is rich in culture, beauty, talent and home to some of the best people in the world.

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